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sorrow griEF DismAy的区别

sorrow:(a cause of) a feeling of great sadness,与over/at搭配 eg:The sorrows of her earlier years gave way to joy in later life. eg:The sorrow she felt over/at the death of her husband was almost too much to bear. grief: very ...

sadness 名词 n. 1.悲哀,悲伤[U] grief 名词 n. 1.悲痛,悲伤[U] Mother went mad with grief after the child died. 孩子死后,母亲因悲痛而发疯了。 2.悲痛的缘由[C] Her heroin-addicted husband is a grief to her. 她那吸海洛因成瘾的丈夫真...

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