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grEEn onions可数吗

Chive小葱, 一撮一撮长一起的细小葱,超市常卖塑料盒里装的活小葱。上海蔬菜自由市场卖菜的 送顾客的就是这种。 Leek印度大葱, Scallion小葱=Green onion=Spring onion, Shallot小洋葱, Bunching onion大葱 韭菜在英国叫:Chinese chive, gar...

some green onions onion是可数


这个要看上下文了 应该是一个汉堡吧,所以不加S 这里还加了一个定冠词the,应该是指一个吧

ham当解释为“火腿肉”时,是不可数的;而cabbage从书上的步骤来看很有可能是煮熟的,煮熟的cabbage不可数。 呵呵,我也初二。

1. Five. 2. A teaspoon. 3. When the oil is hot. 4. 把葱切碎,并将它们也放在碗里。 5. EACDB (1-4答案不唯一)


How to cook chicken soup 1.First of all, proper pot of water, will be chopped Add chicken pieces, water should not have been chicken, remove the fire immediately after the chicken boil wash (cold water to hack, so that after a ...

1. with, on 2. or 3. just for fun 4. Don't go camping in bad weather. 5. What did you do last weekend? 6. The twins look like their mother very much. 1.I would like a pizza__mushrooms,green peppers and onions__it,piease. 翻译:...

First, cut up the chicken.Second, wash the chicken.Next, put the chick in a pot.Then, boil it for about thrity minutes.After that, add ...

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