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LOL2017世界总决赛也称S7全球总决赛,是英雄联盟今年最宏大最受关注的赛事,而且今年将在中国举办。 10月22日,《英雄联盟》S7全球总决赛八强赛结束,晋级四强的战队为SKT、SSG、RNG和WE。LPL赛区时隔1111天再次杀入全球总决赛四强。 半决赛对战...

such a beautiful scenery, country Zhiyong, Ma Lin Lin, Zhang Qi call after a while, I picked up the phone, to the Yangyi? My good friend Zhang Qi proposed play snowball fight it, we agreed that three people make a group, Yang Y...


mother earth seemed to blame I damaged the quilt it! I looked at the beauty of the snow, feel particularly happy, original winter is so beautiful, I in the heart can't help sighing with emotion, I suddenly sprouted a thought, s...

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