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逾期支付 英文

逾期付款,需支付违约金:Late payment, payment of liquidated damages

发催款函,英语可选用: Reminder of Payment(付款提醒函) Notice of Delinquent Payment(欠款通知) Notice of Overdue Payment(付款逾期通知) 例: This is a reminder that your account balance of $ was overdue as of . Enclosed is ...

The 016 oeder is waiting to be picked up... Please pay off the delayed payment as soon as possible, otherwise we will be unable to delivery, please understand us.

刚办下来的信用卡可以取钱 但是要注意:取现的最高金额为1.5万,消费的最高金额为3万 拓展内容国人民银行上海总部,各分行、营业管理部,各省会(首府)...

1.不会。申请信用卡填写申请表时,有两个联系人。一个是直系亲属,一个是朋友或同事。需要填写他们的姓名,工作单位,联系电话。 2.这两个联系人办卡...

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