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逾期支付 英文

逾期付款,需支付违约金:Late payment, payment of liquidated damages

发催款函,英语可选用: Reminder of Payment(付款提醒函) Notice of Delinquent Payment(欠款通知) Notice of Overdue Payment(付款逾期通知) 例: This is a reminder that your account balance of $ was overdue as of . Enclosed is ...

每逾期一日,支付应付合同价款千分之一的违约金; Pay the penalbond of 1/1000 contract payment for every overdue day

The 016 oeder is waiting to be picked up... Please pay off the delayed payment as soon as possible, otherwise we will be unable to delivery, please understand us.

合约含义是:供方单位未能按招合约交期期交货的,每延迟一天交货需要赔偿需方单位合同总款项千分之三的违约金。 违约金公式为:合同总款项×3‰×违约延迟...

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