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逾期 英文

逾期贷款 Overdue loan 例句 1、今后,各行仍应对逾期贷款进行严格的统计和监测。 From now on, each bank shall strictly account and monitor the overdue loans. provided by jukuu 2、对逾期贷款应按中国人民银行有关规定进行统计与监测。 T...

逾期付款,需支付违约金:Late payment, payment of liquidated damages

Late rate and late loss rate

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我客户的应付款尚未逾期 My client's due is not overdue 英 [ˌəuvəˈdju:] 美 [ˌovɚˈdu, -ˈdju] adj. 过期的; 延误的,迟到的; 未兑的; 早应完成的;

外贸逾期交货终止合同 Overdue Contract for delivery of foreign trade 外贸逾期交货终止合同 Overdue Contract for delivery of foreign trade

逾期将按有关规定处罚,不再另行通告. Overdue will be punished according to relevant regulations, no longer notice

发催款函,英语可选用: Reminder of Payment(付款提醒函) Notice of Delinquent Payment(欠款通知) Notice of Overdue Payment(付款逾期通知) 例: This is a reminder that your account balance of $ was overdue as of . Enclosed is ...

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