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Your Fee will be paid to you on a monthly basis in arrears into a bank account nominated by you. Please confirm your account details at the end of this letter before returning.你的费用将按月支付给你的一个银行帐户,由你指定的帐...

1、中国的人口是欧洲人口的两倍。 The population of China is twice larger than that in Europe. 2、中国的人口比欧洲人口两倍还多。 The population of China is more than twice larger than that in Europe. 老师讲的是对的。你问这个问题...

rolled over是roll over 的过去时~ roll over的意思是翻滚~ 整句话的意思就是他翻了个身看了看他的手表(就是躺床上睡觉呢) 希望可以帮到你~

1.The President came under attack from all sides for his inability to tackle the country's severe social problems. 这名总统由于无力解决国家严峻的社会问题而饱受各方抨击。 come under attack - 受到抨击、受到打击 2.The second part ...

We are going to depart Shanghai for Beijing by 10 a.m. plane. The newly elected president of the United States, Trump, is very popular in American people.

I will take on order form management since then. 以后 由我来担当贵公司的订单管理 I will take in charge of the related bussiness of your company since then以后贵公司的 相关业务由我来负责

We need some certain materials from Japanese host to apply for the business visa to Japan for chinese. If you could provide support, please read the attechment.

1,现代生活中几乎任何东西都逃不开时尚对其的影响,诸如食物、音乐、书籍、运动、语言、电影、家具甚至是名字都与时尚有或多或少的关系。 2,不要吸烟同时远离被动吸烟。善待他人的同时也要保持友善及宽容的态度与人相处。 我觉得你们老师给的2...

You have to drink plenty of water 你要多喝水(旱灾水很少确实应该多喝!嘿嘿) Can not spicy food, food! 不能吃辣的食物 讲出来带点幽默才够味!!

老太太用烛台击打盗贼的头部,目前他昏迷不醒 我砍柴来生火 over the head 是短语 指某人的头部

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